The Bay Area in the 60’s wasn’t the high tech center of the world. It was rolling green hills,orchards and a great place to grow up.I was born in San Jose California the baby of six. The two oldest are my sisters Faye and Thorn then come the boys Jeff, Tim, Marc and me. I really am the baby, my brother Marc is nine years older than me and he’s the next youngest. My brothers and sisters had a lot to do with raising me being my parents were freshly divorced.

My mother Nahdine worked two jobs to keep food on the table. She owned and operated a photography studio in the day and worked at a food cannery at night. During summers my sisters would take me as my mom had little time to care for an infant. We spent most of those summers on communes with my sisters and all their hippy friends. It was the 60’s man free love, hash and hair. I have fond memories from that time. The studio is where I spent a lot of my childhood as well, screwing around in the darkroom, reading Mad magazine in the portraiture room. My mom re-married when I was six. His name was Mario and he was a good man. We moved to Almaden Valley and I had a pretty typical childhood from then on. My brother Jeff had me skiing at nine and annual trips to Hawaii had me surfing at 11. So upon graduating from Leland High I wasted no time getting over to Santa Cruz to attend Cabrillo College and to surf. I took a couple of years of requirements then decided to take a break. During my break I spent a lot of time hanging out in San Diego and Mexico, surfing and partying.

That’s about when I decided to go to a bartending school. Soon after my career as a surfing/traveling bartender began. The bartending thing was great, one day I’m working a crap ass job for peanuts a month later I’m working four nights a week making great money and throwing a party for a living. I began to save money, travel and bartend wherever I ended up. I tended bar in Santa Cruz,San Jose,Palo Alto,Lake Tahoe,England,Hawaii,Hollywood and now Santa Monica.

In 1991 I attended American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. I was in plays in grade school and took drama and improv at Cabrillo College and loved it, so I auditioned for ACT and got in. It was a great time and a great learning experience. Around 1995 I moved to LA to give my acting a try. I got an agent and did a little commercial work but I was missing Santa Cruz as it had really become home. A friend Lochlan had just finished film school and suggested I move back and we could make a movie together. A few years earlier I had an idea to make a bartending school in video form. Brad another good friend and I made that video and to rave reviews I might add. So during the making of “Your Video Guide to Professional Bartending” I learned the process of video production. I moved back north and Lochlan and I made the “Defiant” our surf/snow adventure and it came out to mixed reviews. Next I made “Nuthin’ but Nuts” all on my own and it got great reviews. I was even nominated for a Surfer magazine video award. I recently completed a film course at the New York Film Academy it was better than I had hoped I learned a lot and had a great time. I still want to produce more movies but as of late I have been doing lots of still photography work. You can see some of my work on this here site.

Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me for any reason.

Brett Charles Rose.



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