Styles of Wedding Photography

It’s time to tie the knot finally, and you are most likely done with choosing the venue, date, and even your attire, the only thing left is your photographer. Choosing a photographer depends on the style of photography you want to be used for your wedding.

The photography style can be chosen based on the type of images you wish to have, the amount of time you are willing to spend with the photographer and finally your level of comfort with your photographer.

It can be overwhelming when making a choice of a photographer to employ as many professional photographers abound. Keep a cool head and choose wisely.chandleremma2

Wedding photography styles are many and include the following;

  • The traditional style,
  • The photojournalistic style
  • The editorial style.
  • The fine art style



The concept of traditional style of photography is to produce posed photographs for display in a portrait album. This method works by a photographer working from a “shot list”, ensuring he covers all the elements requested by the bride and groom. To ensure the perfection of every detail of the shot, the photographer, and his assistants adjust their equipment’s, background, the subjects’ body alignment and the subjects’ attire.

The time taken to take the pictures is directly proportional to the quality of the work. It is quite strenuous to set up formal pictures and takes a long time as well. Artistic pictures can only be produced if a considerable amount of time is invested in taking the pictures. It is essential that the bride and groom identify the time required for the pictures to be taken and adjust it with the rest of the proceedings for the day. The time taken to create to create the images is totally dependent on the photographer. You need to ensure you can give that much time to photography alone. This style is not recommended for individuals who get conscious in front of a camera.


Photojournalistic style of photography is the exact opposite of the traditional style. This style of photography entails capturing everything as it happens. To achieve this, the photographer works religiously at the background, making it easier for the couple to move about and have fun instead of having to pose for pictures all the time. It is necessary that the photographer is at the right place at the right time to ensure the success of this style. It is very much recommended for individuals who are hesitant toward posing for pictures.


The style emanates from the inspiration obtained from fashion magazines. This style of photography requires a lot of planning. The photographer regularly needs help from his assistants to set up his equipment’s in advance. There is heavy involvement of time, so it is vital that you understand and are ready to devote the time required to get good photographs.


This type is a progression from the traditional style of photography and delivers a contemporary touch to posed pictures. These pictures can sometimes seem a bit impersonal due to overuse thus; you need to make sure the photographer is experienced and a professional with experience in this style.